About Me

I am living proof that your true calling eventually finds you, despite everything you do to avoid it. As a child of two artists, I vowed to never follow in their footsteps. Not that I don't admire my parents and their beautiful work; because I do. But I also saw, first-hand, all the trials and tribulations that come from working for yourself and trying make it as an artist.

However, after years of trying to find my path in life and insisting that photography is just a hobby, I have given in. I am never happier than when I am out in nature, looking for that next opportunity to capture a moment and turn it into an elegant image. I was also blessed enough to travel extensively with my "other" job for the last decade; and love capturing the intrigue of foreign places. My love of nature, wildlife, and travel has created a deep passion to share my perspectives with others, in hopes that they too will fall in love with our magnificent earth.

My goal with my photography is to capture the endless beauty that this earth has to offer, and encourage others to slow down long enough to see it. I see breathtaking patterns or compositions that are easily passed by; I capture scenes that most people drive right on by while trying to get to a panoramic mountaintop. I never tire of the unique and endless artistry found in the resiliency of nature and humanity.

If I can share these perspectives and help even one person see life differently, then I will feel as if my passion has made a difference. Keep your eyes open....it's a fascinating world out there!