Portfolio / Gallery of my Photography For Sale Online

It's one thing to see an image online that you like, but an entirely different thing to see it "live" and "in action." Here are a few photos of my photos as they look in real-live home settings. Please keep in mind I can do custom sizes, and also can change the hue or coloring to fit your particular decor.

Please click on any image to see an enlarge picture of that photo.

Foggy Forest

This is my "Foggy Forest" picture done in sepia as a tryptic. Each piece measures 20" x 40", for a total footprint of 60" x 40" (plus an inch or so between each panel). I can print this as a tryptic up to a total of 102" x 68" (plus an inch or so between each panel), with each piece measuring 34" x 68". Price for the 20' x 40" (as shown) is $995.

I also offer this print in smaller sizes; anything less than a 30" x 40" is one piece and not a tryptic.

Forest for the Trees

This is my print called "Forest for the Trees" done in sepia. This particular print is printed on canvas and then stretched over a piece of wood, then framed in a lightweight black frame (no glass). The print shown measures 20" x 40".

Totem Spirit

This is my Totem Spirit printed in what I call "faded;" as it's not quite black & white and it's not sepia either. There is a plum and green tint, although I can print this in color, black & white, or sepia as well. This particular photo is printed on canvas and measures 30" x 45". Cost for this size (as shown) is $495.